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Use of Evolution products ... helped cure Grade 4 Bed Sore’s in only 10 weeks



vascocare foot & knee"Use of the Evolution products in Nursing Homes has helped cure Grade 4 Bed Sore’s in only 10 weeks of use"

The Evolution Knee and Heel Patient Positioners are top rated in the prevention of pressure ulcers and aide in the healing of pressure ulcers that have already formed.  By floating the heel creating a “no pressure” area on the heel of the foot combined with breathable fabric that absorbs moisture which helps keep the skin dry and free from excess moisture. 

The Evolution Positioners alleviate pressure, shear force, friction, excess moisture and increased temperature which are the causative factors of pressure ulcers. 


Anti-Fatigue Mats

Goal Medical now Offering Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats!  We are proud to introduce our new line of OrthoMat's, anti-fatigue floor mats designed for use in the healthcare industry. Offered in a variety of sizes, these mats are a perfect fit for your facility.  Check out our full line of mats

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New Disposable Foam Positioners

NEW! Posi Block Single Use Foam Positioners We are excited to announce our new single use medical foam product line, Posi Block.  This medical-grade, open-cell polyurethane foam is cool because it “breathes” next to your patients’s skin. This material is also hyper-allergenic, radiolucent and flame (Calif. Bulletin #117) retardant. View full product line

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Risk Alert: Use Barrier Covers with Troop Elevation Pillow

Risk Alert: Use Barrier Covers with Vinyl Troop Elevation Pillow                  Did You Know: Product warranty becomes void if barrier covers were not used on the reusable vinyl, troop elevation pillows? In the O.R.: Recently a northern US hospital routinely covered their vinyl Elevation Pillow with a plastic bag to protect the [...]

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Gel Positioners - 75% Soy Based

Did you know that all of our gel positioners are made from over 75% soy based products? Our gel products are not only soy based but are also latex and silicone free, antibacterial and antimicrobial as well! View our full line of gel positioners

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NEW! JED International & USA Sales Territory

Goal Medical is proud to annouce the increased territory for sales of the Jaw Elevation Device, "JED".  View More Information on the JED  The Jaw Elevation Device (JED™) is an externally applied, non-invasive device which maintains an open airway in situations when breathing is in danger of being compromised. The JED™ may be used during any diagnostic [...]

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